Virgo Announces First Pharma Collaboration for IBD Clinical Trials

June 8, 2020

In this post, we will be sharing some exciting news about Virgo’s efforts to improve care for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients. But first, it will be helpful to do a quick recap of one particular pain point in the IBD care continuum — clinical trials...

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Customer Success During a Pandemic

May 29, 2020

Customer Success is such a buzzy term these days, but it holds a lot of weight. Virgo’s Customer Success team keeps Virgo team members in the loop with issues, product enhancement requests, and small wins, all while maintaining communication, providing value, and building relationships with the customer. How does a pandemic change things?

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The Three P's of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in GI Endoscopy

April 6, 2020

At Virgo, we believe that GI endoscopy is ripe for AI-driven innovation. We share that view with clinical, industrial, and academic thought leaders, and are building tools to improve clinical performance and patient care. Virgo customers are on the cutting edge and determine which tools we build and how they’re implemented...

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COVID-19: How Virgo is Responding to a System in Crisis

March 25, 2020

Over the last several months, and the last two weeks in particular, the novel coronavirus has begun to wreak havoc on global institutions, forced people into periods of prolonged isolation, and has even made the last months of 2019 feel like the halcyon days of peak capitalism...

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IBD Clinical Trials: Patient Perspective

March 16, 2020

We’re back with the second part of our series on the challenges associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) clinical trials. For this post, we’ll be exploring these challenges from the most important perspective — that of the patient...

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The Importance of Endoscopy Video Recording

March 13, 2020

Video recording is the gold standard form of documentation for endoscopy, and may be mandatory in the near term. Below we highlight four key areas where video recording is having meaningful impact, and moving endoscopy forward through better performance and patient experience...

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Virgo & Indiana University Health Expand Partnership to Include Indiana University Hospital, Douglas Rex Endoscopy Center

February 28, 2020

Indiana University Health System, a top-performing US News and World Report GI program, has expanded its partnership with Virgo Surgical Video Solutions, Inc. to include all endoscopy at the health system’s flagship hospital, Indiana University Hospital, Indianapolis, as well as its newly remodeled and expanded Douglas Rex Endoscopy Center...

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ASGE takes endoscopy training to new heights with Virgo

February 19, 2020

The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy partners with Virgo Surgical Video Solutions, Inc to provide best-in-class video recording and training augmentation for students at the ASGE’s Institute for Training & Technology, or IT&T -- where world-renowned thought leaders in endoscopy gather and train both experts and rising stars in GI through a robust offering of fellowships, continuing education, and new procedure/equipment courses...

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What's wrong with IBD trials?

February 14, 2020

Inflammatory Bowel Disease — commonly referred to as IBD — affects over 3 million adults in the United States, with over 70,000 new cases diagnosed each year. So what exactly is IBD?...

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Google Coral — Virgo uses AI to fight colon cancer

October 22, 2019

Virgo's endoscopic video system enlists Coral's AI platform to fight colon cancer. At the Super Bowl of gastroenterology—the 50th annual Digestive Diseases Week in San Diego—some of the 14,000 attendees crowded the display booth of Virgo Surgical Video Solutions...

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GI & PR Newswire — Virgo receives first patent and celebrates 30,000th gastroenterology procedure recorded with cloud video platform

May 14, 2019

Virgo Surgical Video Solutions, Inc., a San Francisco based digital health company, received its first patent and celebrated the 30,000th gastroenterology procedure recorded with the Virgo cloud video platform...

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GI & Hepatology News — AI boosts gastroendoscopy, supports clinicians

April 12, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) can improve video recording and physician support during colonoscopy procedures, and the data being collected could eventually pave the way to AI systems powerful enough to detect polyps on their own...

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Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News — Cloud-Based Endoscopy Platform Aims To Improve Procedure Quality

April 9, 2019

Endoscopy recordings have several uses, from the pedagogic to the clinical, but none of that matters if the provider fails to hit the record button on the instrument. Unfortunately, that button stays unpressed most of the time. A tech startup hopes its cloud-based recording platform will change that by making it easier to record, edit and play back video...

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MedCity News — Virgo’s technology enables video recording of colonoscopies

May 31, 2018

The Silicon Valley startup has developed a cloud-based platform for recording colonoscopies. It allows gastroenterologists to start and stop recording the procedure with the push of a button...

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Hackernoon — Introducing Virgo

July 20, 2017

Virgo was recently selected to join the Summer ’17 NYC Techstars accelerator program, and we are launching our first product later this month. With this in mind, I thought it would be beneficial to explain a bit about what we are working on and why we are so excited to be working on it...

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