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Virgo’s mission is to improve patient outcomes and clinical workflows in healthcare by developing automation and AI tools for endoscopy. If you’re passionate about creating a smarter healthcare industry and making a noticeable difference in people’s lives, come join our team!

We strongly believe in the power of cooperation and the unique perspective that each team member brings. Striving for psychological safety for all, we encourage free expression of ideas and constructive feedback. Virgo fosters a workplace that thrives on positive intent, where every challenge is met with enthusiasm and every success celebrated as a shared victory.

We value the well-being of ourselves, our customers, our users, and patients impacted by our technology - all equally.

We have a vision for how to make the future of healthcare better than it is today based on our collective experience and know-how. We strive to make this vision a reality.

We strive to be a bright spot of positivity in the world. We do this by assuming positive intent in our communications with each other and our customers, and responding with kindness.

We are honest with ourselves and our customers. Even when there is bad news, we practice transparency and set reasonable expectations for how we will improve the situation.

We believe in the effectiveness of building together. This means an inclusive work environment for our employees and a collaborative relationship with our customers.

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