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About Virgo

Improving patient outcomes and clinical workflows in healthcare

We envision a world where technology powered by AI dramatically improves the quality of, and access to, healthcare.

To improve patient outcomes and clinical workflows in healthcare by developing automation and artificial intelligence tools for endoscopy.

Virgo provides the leading cloud video capture, management, and AI analysis platform for endoscopic medicine. Academic, integrated, and private practice healthcare providers use the Virgo platform to augment patient care through video-based research, training, and quality improvement  initiatives. 

Since launching, Virgo has helped physicians capture over 400,000 endoscopy procedure videos using industry-leading HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC 2 compliant cloud service providers. Virgo also supports integrations with the leading electronic health records systems. 

In 2021, Virgo launched a suite of tools called VirgoTrials, which help pharmaceutical trial sponsors and their participating trial sites accelerate patient recruitment and shorten the overall enrollment period. 

Healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies traditionally relied on images from endoscopy procedures – and had to manually examine them to gather valuable insights. Virgo provides rich video data from procedures and automatically analyzes it with smart AI detection. 

Endoscopy procedure data gathered and organized in the Virgo system helps providers improve clinical workflows, quality assurance, teaching, displaying work, and more. 

The Virgo system is integrated within clinical trial site workflows to cut down manual processing in candidate selection and central reading – significantly reducing trial delays. 

Virgo is specially designed to seamlessly accommodate current processes within healthcare organizations and clinical trial sites. Our specialists implement the system without causing any interruptions or changes to daily operations.  

Authorized users may access all endoscopy procedure video data in a single, easy-to-find cloud location. 

Virgo’s advanced AI works to eliminate human error within healthcare operations and clinical trials to bolster GI patient experiences. 

Enhance Research & Training

Virgo provides gastroenterologists with more accurate data to make research more precise, improve training protocols, and simplify the process of showcasing endoscopy work.

Augment Patient Recruiting

The lack of rich data and analysis creates large roadblocks in patient recruiting. Virgo’s AI system automates video capture to make these procedures quicker and more accurate.

Expedite Clinical Trials

Virgo’s advanced system delivers targeted data to pharmaceutical companies monitoring patient progress and trial sites conducting studies. The result accelerates clinical trials and expedites time-to-market.

Fuel Innovation

Virgo’s AI takes healthcare to a new, data-driven level of accuracy. The system incorporates rich insights into clinical workflows to improve accuracy and quality assurance across the board.

The Virgo founding team has deep expertise in Healthcare and Technology

Virgo is a fully remote company with regional presences in the Bay Area, Chicago, and New York City, with employees throughout the USA and Europe.

Matt Schwartz

Chief Executive Officer & Cofounder

Chris Lawcock

Engineering Team Lead

Toni Schach


Paul Fleming

VP of Customer Success

Patrick Dermyer

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Ryon Sabouni

Software Engineer

Manisha Cole

Senior Associate - Life Sciences Program Management

Michael McLafferty

Director, Network Development - West US

Dominic Florin

Customer Success Manager - Healthcare Providers

Safia Speer

Senior Associate - Life Sciences Program Management

Jessica Brown

Finance & Accounting Manager

Vassilis Mastorostergios

Senior Software Engineer

Cory Twitty

Senior DevOps Engineer

Danielle Schugars


Anthony Hernandez

Technical Support Engineer

Josh Kale

Customer Success Manager

Angad Kalra

Machine Learning Engineer

Clifford Osborn

Senior Operations Manager

Sahand Fardi

Customer Success Manager

Michael Kochman

Michael Kochman, MD


Gary Lichtenstein

Gary Lichtenstein, MD

Director, Center for IBD, UPenn

Sri Komanduri

Sri Komanduri, MD, MS

Engineering Team Lead Director, Interventional Endoscopy, Northwestern

Mike Wallace

Michael Wallace, MD, MPH

Director of Digestive Disease Research, Mayo Clinic

Keith Obstein

Keith Obstein, MD, MPH

Director, GI Fellowship Program, Vanderbilt

Josh Melson

Joshua Melson, MD, MPH

Assoc. Professor, Div. of Digestive Diseases


Timothee Cour, PhD

Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Advisor

David Cave

David Cave, MD, PhD

Director, Clinical GI Research, UMASS

Techstars Ventures
FCA Venture Partners

Virgo works with a number of world-class partners

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Virgo operates within the industry’s top HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC-compliant cloud systems to guarantee confidentiality.

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