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Endoscopic Solutions

For Pharmaceutical Companies

Virgo helps pharmaceutical companies streamline clinical trials with advanced, user-friendly AI recruitment tools.

How Virgo Transforms Clinical Trials

Improves Data Management

Virgo centralizes endoscopy video data for clinical trial sponsors in order to enroll more patients, facilitate central reading, and explore real-world evidence applications.

Enhances Investigator Deployment

The Virgo system provides a single, integrated platform unifying data across healthcare systems – designed to simplify investigator deployment and reduce human error.

Accelerates Patient Recruiting

Virgo’s AI-fueled data management platform incorporates automation to help trial sites quickly identify ideal candidates.

In-depth Discovery

How the Virgo System Improves Results for Pharmaceutical Companies

In-Depth Discovery

The Virgo team first partners with your team to best understand your operational needs in clinical trials. We’ll critically examine the bottlenecks in video capture, trial inclusion criteria, the site selection process, and patient recruiting to determine how Virgo can be used to achieve your goals.

Pair with Clinical Trial Sites

Based on our assessment, Virgo matches your trial with optimal trial sites.


Our team partners to introduce Virgo to the selected trial sites. We educate them on how the Virgo platform is leveraged to recruit and enroll study-eligible patients.

Trial Site Onboarding

We work directly with your trial sites to implement Virgo. This involves a traditional inservice visit, video recording hardware setup, and staff interviews to ensure Virgo fits within your pre-existing procedural workflow.

Get Highly Targeted Patient Recruiting Data

Virgo automatically scores procedure video for potential trial eligibility. The system pinpoints qualified candidates and moves them to a single, easy-to-find location. Authorized staff can then use this information in their outreach process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virgo builds custom pricing plans for sponsors based on your stated obstacles. Our goal is to align our incentives with your team’s incentive to complete trials quickly.

Virgo is currently working with three of the top global pharmaceutical companies by market cap. 

Since Virgo was launched in 2018, Virgo has helped some of the nation’s largest healthcare providers collect and manage over 400,000 cases. We partnered with leading US News and World Report Gastroenterology programs and nationally-recognized private practice networks.

Virgo’s technology seamlessly integrates with EHRs including Epic, Cerner, and AllScripts, as well as clinical documentation systems such as Provation, gGastro, and StudyTeam. The Virgo platform supports industry standard integration protocols, including HL7 and FHIR.

Through our discovery process, our experts tailor the patient recruitment algorithms to clinical trial-specific criteria. Our team works directly with trial sites and sponsors to ensure Virgo is properly implemented.

Data security and compliance are top priorities for us. The cloud technology operates within the industry’s top HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC-compliant cloud systems to promise secure and ethical data management and storage. 

Trusted by doctors, researchers, Pharma and patients

How Can Virgo Improve Patient Recruiting in Your Organization?

Virgo operates within the industry’s top HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC-compliant cloud systems to guarantee confidentiality.

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