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Frequently Asked Questions

The ability to gather and organize rich, high-definition video at-scale is a new concept in endoscopy. Video is used for many different purposes- from research and training, to quality improvement and patient education.

Pharmaceutical companies can leverage endoscopy video to automatically score candidate eligibility for clinical trials, which significantly reduces the time spent in the selection process – as well as increases accuracy. Healthcare providers can use the endoscopy video data to improve clinical workflows, patient outcomes, teaching, showcasing work, quality assurance, patient recruiting, AI dataset creation, and much more.

Virgo’s pricing is not one-size-fits-all. Our plans are flexible and designed to accommodate the needs of healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies. 

Healthcare providers may implement the Virgo system under a SaaS model – which involves a one-time setup fee and a flat annual rate per procedure room. This plan provides unlimited access, end users, and data capture. Providers may also use the Virgo system at no cost by joining the Virgo GI Clinical Trials Partnership Program. Schedule a demo to learn more. 

Pricing for pharmaceutical companies is incentive-based. Our pricing model is formulated to align with your company’s incentive to complete clinical trials quickly.

Virgo contracts and works with both sponsors and researchers across the gastroenterology industry. Most GI studies we support are industry-sponsored, randomized IBD trials in Phase 2 or 3. We routinely partner with Top 10 T1 Global Pharmaceutical companies by market cap.

Virgo is currently working with three of the top global pharmaceutical companies by market cap.
Since Virgo was launched in 2018, Virgo has helped some of the nation’s largest healthcare providers collect and manage over 400,000 cases. We partnered with leading US News and World Report Gastroenterology programs and nationally-recognized private practice networks.

Healthcare providers rarely record their cases. Virgo enables providers to not only record advanced endoscopy and routine procedures, but collect rich data in a single, easy-to-find location. The AI-fueled physician portal can then be used to improve the quality of care, review of work, teaching, and more. Virgo works by pairing our small-footprint, internet-connected hardware directly with your imaging systems of choice.  From there, providers may record their cases of choice, or fully automate the videorecording process by leveraging Virgo’s AutoProcedures artificial intelligence feature.  End users access, edit, review, and share case footage by accessing Virgo’s secure, personalized web-based portal.

Implementing Virgo is similar to a traditional IT install. Our specialists conduct a discovery process to determine the major challenges in endoscopy procedure video data capture within the organization. Next, we’ll install the video recording equipment and integrate the system to ensure it properly enhances the current workflow.

All video data is encrypted both at rest and in transit using best-in-class encryption protocols - and is replicated across multiple data centers. In order to be the best possible stewards of your data, Virgo executes a business associates agreement with all customers.

Virgo works within the top HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC-compliant cloud systems to guarantee data confidentiality.

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