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Endoscopic Solutions

For Healthcare Providers

Virgo automates the gathering and organizing of endoscopy video data for teaching, training, patient recruitment, and more – all in a single, integrated system.

How Virgo Enhances Endoscopy Video Capture for Healthcare Providers

Automates Endoscopy Procedures

Endoscopy video is automatically recorded and organized within the Virgo system – creating zero interruptions in the healthcare provider’s existing workflow.

Reduces Manual Data Analysis

The Virgo system includes machine learning capabilities that score cases based on the patient’s endoscopic presentation

Increases Accessibility & Security

Virgo organizes all endoscopy data in a secure cloud platform – which healthcare providers can access in a single intuitive dashboard.

How Virgo Augments Endoscopy Procedures

Understand Your Process

Virgo works closely with healthcare staff to understand your endoscopy operations on the ground level. We understand the role of video capture within your organization, the number of procedure rooms, and the current systems in place. Our team then uses this information to implement Virgo’s technology seamlessly into your unit.

Implement the Virgo System

Our Customer Success team leads Virgo’s implementation. We manage everything from equipment setup and process augmentation to staff training and support.

Record Data in Real-Time

Virgo uses artificial intelligence to automate the video capture process. HD endoscopy videos are available in our HIPAA-compliant portal as soon as the procedure ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virgo records and analyzes video without interrupting your current workflow. Video is automatically scored based on trial eligibility criteria – drastically reducing manual work in the selection process - as well as improving research capabilities, training, presenting, assurance, AI dataset, and more.

Virgo has several flexible pricing plans. Healthcare providers may implement Virgo under a SaaS model with a one-time setup fee and a flat annual rate. This includes unlimited access, end users, and data capture. Providers may also use the system through the Virgo GI Clinical Trials Partnership program at no cost. Schedule a demo to learn about your options.

Virgo’s technology seamlessly integrates with EHRs including Epic, Cerner, and AllScripts, as well as clinical documentation systems such as Provation, gGastro, and StudyTeam. The Virgo platform supports industry standard integration protocols, including HL7 and FHIR.

Virgo is currently working with three of the top global pharmaceutical companies by market cap.
Since Virgo was launched in 2018, Virgo has helped some of the nation’s largest healthcare providers collect and manage over 400,000 cases. We partnered with leading US News and World Report Gastroenterology programs and nationally-recognized private practice networks.

The Virgo implementation process works like a traditional IT install. Our specialists perform a discovery process by interviewing staff to understand your challenges in endoscopy procedure video data capture. From here, we’ll install all video recording equipment and implement the system to ensure it properly augments the current workflow.

Virgo operates within the industry’s top HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC-compliant cloud systems to guarantee confidentiality.

Trusted by doctors, researchers, Pharma and patients

How Can Virgo Improve Your Clinical Operations?

Virgo operates within the industry’s top HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC-compliant cloud systems to guarantee confidentiality.

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