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Endoscopy Video Capture

Virgo turns video into precise, actionable data.

Ready to see a noticeable difference in your clinical workflows?

Rapid Implementation

Integrate with Existing Systems

Unlock Your Endoscopy Data


Virgo is an automated video capture system designed to eliminate bottlenecks in recording endoscopy video data.


Virgo indexes video chronologically in a single, easy-to-find location.


Physicians depend on the Virgo system to integrate video as a standard part of every case they perform.

Healthcare Providers

Implement the Virgo System

Healthcare organizations implement Virgo under a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Virgo’s dedicated customer success team works closely with physicians and staff to manage the onboarding process.

Consult Your Staff

Our specialists consult with your team to understand your video capture needs. Virgo trains your staff on how to use the Virgo platform once it’s activated.

Enhance Your Processes

The Virgo platform works seamlessly with your existing processes. Our automation ensures there are no disruptions to your standard clinical workflows.

Improve Clinical Operations

Healthcare providers leverage Virgo’s rich endoscopy data to improve teaching, research, referrals, sourcing patients for clinical trials, and much more.


Pharmaceutical Companies

Analyze Your Operation

Virgo’s specialists examine your challenges and roadblocks in clinical trial recruitment to determine the best way to implement our technology.

Match with Trial Sites

Virgo matches your organization with clinical trial sites based on the given study and criteria - then we activate our AI-based screening technology at selected trial sites.

Augment Your Workflow

Virgo’s AI-based screening technology works effortlessly within existing patient recruitment workflows. Easy access to data on qualified patients ensures your trial sites make faster, smarter decisions.

Find Your Perfect Patients

Companies can employ Virgo’s AI approach in leveraging endoscopy video data to recruit the perfect candidates for gastroenterology trials.

Start Your Journey with Virgo

Virgo operates within the industry’s top HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC-compliant cloud systems to guarantee confidentiality.

Virgo Partnerships

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Virgo Cloud

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Virgo Trials

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