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Dr Paul Akerman

University Gastroenterology Partners With Virgo Surgical Video Solutions to Reimagine IBD Clinical Trial Recruitment


When it comes to testing new and promising treatments for inflammatory bowel disease, finding the right patients to participate in clinical trials has always been a challenge. Now, in an effort to remove that obstacle, Rhode Island-based University Gastroenterology (UGI) is teaming up with Virgo Surgical Video Solutions (Virgo) out of Carlsbad, California.

UGI physicians will begin using the Virgo Platform in their everyday standard of care to accelerate enrollment in IBD clinical trials. Virgo leverages artificial intelligence and endoscopic video data to more easily identify patients who meet the complex inclusion and exclusion criteria set forth by pharmaceutical companies. The platform will automatically record every endoscopic procedure across UGI’s practice facilities without interrupting clinical workflows. Computer vision will then analyze the endoscopic video data and identify patients who meet the eligibility criteria for specific clinical trials within Virgo’s pharmaceutical partner network.

“This is a really big deal in many ways. This technology combines artificial intelligence, cloud storage, Image management and video recall. The technology will allow us to better interpret what we see in real time and help to best guide appropriate care with new patient-specific therapies and help guide future decisions better due to full video recall and ability to share the video with colleagues and consultants,” said UGI’s Paul Akerman, MD.

The addition of UGI and its team to the Virgo Network is a clear reflection of the platform’s ease of use and implementation. It further demonstrates how Virgo and its rapidly expanding footprint provide daily clinical value to endoscopists across practice types.

“We at Virgo are proud to partner with University Gastroenterology, one of the nation’s most eminent private practice groups, to innovate and change the paradigm in patient recruitment for clinical trials,” said Ian Strug, Virgo co-founder and chief customer officer. “After getting to know the UGI team, we’re confident their expertise in clinical research and patient care will assist us as we continue to develop novel solutions for age-old problems in endoscopy.”

About University Gastroenterology

University Gastroenterology is a specialty group that provides patients with friendly, cutting-edge care for diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract. Its doctors are regionally recognized for their expertise in general gastroenterology, inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease, and therapeutic endoscopy. Major campuses are located in Providence, East Greenwich, and Portsmouth, with each boasting a state-of-the-art ambulatory Endoscopy Center that provides a caring and cost-effective environment. Inpatient consultative services also are provided at Rhode Island Hospital, Miriam Hospital, Kent County Hospital, and Newport Hospital. For more information, visit or

About Virgo Surgical Video Solutions

Virgo Surgical Video Solutions provides the leading cloud video capture, management, and artificial intelligence analysis platform for endoscopic medicine. Academic, integrated, and private practice healthcare providers use the Virgo platform to advance patient care through video-based research and training initiatives. In 2021, Virgo launched a suite of tools called VirgoTrials, which help pharmaceutical trial sponsors and their participating trial sites accelerate patient recruitment and shorten the overall enrollment period for trials. For more information, visit

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